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Well, one week later, and I've decided to keep this thing up. However, unless I feel like making more stamps or I feel like updating my collections (both editing submissions and submitting ones for systems I never owned till the day I put it up (e.g. if I ever get a PS4, I'll show off what games I have for it so far as a new submission when I can be bothered)), I'm no longer uploading anything on here, so if you actually like my wank art, go here for new works, along with any re-uplaods I'll do when I'm bothered: interestinglemonpartydotorg.tu…

Oh, and cheers to my new friend :iconbigcnfanakaharbinger: for giving me a suggestion especially since he's the only one who bothered doing so.
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United Kingdom
First thing's first, if you're somebody who owns an artwork I favorite'd and are wondering "What's up with the many comments this guy has hidden?" on my page and favorites folder, they're all "Thanks for the fav!" posts. How do you avoid being hidden? You have to be one of the following (and despite this tl;dr list, I have no problems with "thanks for the watch" comments, even though I never post those either):

- You're someone I've talked to (btw, if I end up faving something else that you made at a later date, I won't accept that comment, even if we end up talking as I'm that much of a dick :P).
- I know that you've talked to at least one of my friends.
- You've mentioned something on my profile.
- You've mentioned something related to the art.
- You've asked me what my fav part was regardless of using :iconcircuitdc:'s trend attempt (look through my page's older comments to get what I'm on about).
Or, if you're none of the above
- DO NOT by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me peroid.
Other places I'm on
- Btw, if you're below 13 or don't have at least one multiplayer game in common with me, piss off.
Steamprofile badge by - "
- "
- Sub it if you like half-arsed vids done with Sony Vegas masking and equally terrible VGM mash-ups (well, on those rare occasions in which I can be fucked to upload anything, that is).
- The place where all my art goes to from now on (despite it usually being overrun with re-bloggings of inane stuff).

Also, despite me posting a pic of all my Xbox 360 games (which can be found here:… ), I don't use my 360 much, and hence, I haven't got a gold membership.
Oh, and the chances of me making a Twitter, FaceBook etc... are about as likely as my country winning the next World Cup (i.e. never).

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